Christmas 2009

We have had one of the best Christmases ever in New Zealand this year – a really memorable way to leave!!! We were woken by the children at 6:30am to open presents, but we managed to put them off till 7am. There was much excitement as they opened their presents and the joyful faces said it all.

Then we packed our picnic lunch and headed up the coast to Tawharanui – the most beautiful beach. It even had a few waves (which are rare in NZ) so the kids could do some body surfing.

Before everyone could scamper away, I managed to get everyone’s co-operation for an updated family photo. We managed to get this done fairly painlessly – the last time I tried half the family were missing in the photo due to being difficult. So here at last is the long awaited family photo!!

The weather was absolutely perfect as you can see.

Beautiful clear water that wasn’t too cold.

Lots of caves to explore.

Finally we went to another beach you can fish at and tried some fishing. Hubby and E13 both caught fish so everyone was happy!!

E13 and his fish.

A long and busy day over – oh but what a great day!!


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