Our new New Zealand passports arrived back today – God is so good.

Two Sundays ago I was not able to concentrate during worship as my mind was reeling with the hows of getting our paperwork all done before the Monday so that I could submit the passport applications. As I was trying to work it all out in my head Hubby leaned over to me and said, “God says that Tuesday is fine for our passports and to stop worrying.” Well clearly that was a direct message for me and one that put me completely at ease. We submitted our applications on the Tuesday and a week later we have our passports in our hands. Hubby looked nonplussed – he said God had told him it would take a week – I wish he had shared that piece of info with me. Nevertheless, my faith is in a good place as I posted yesterday that I had bought the tickets  anyway because I believed that God would come through for us. I am so grateful to be living in a nation where bureaucracy is organised and things move quickly.

So now all is in order for our move and I am chomping at the bit – I almost feel disappointed that we have to wait another month before we can go. We still have things to take care of. We need to work out the best way to transfer money with the least amount of cost while I will be there and Hubby will be here. It looks as though we will be able to open a bank account before we get there which is great and the bank we have chosen is linked to the bank we bank with here, so that should be helpful too.

Only 28 more sleeps to go……


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