Burning our Bridges

We have burnt our bridges here in Auckland and on one hand I am exhilirated and on the other completely terrified. I was forced to make a decision regarding booking our flights as they were dwindling fast and becoming out of our price range, so after a quick prayer I went ahead and booked them. We fly out on the 20th January. Hubby will be able to fly over to Sydney with us, but will then have to fly on another flight to Melbourne (due to ticket  availability). Thankfully his flight is only half an hour different to ours so we will all connect in no time again. God is so good – the amount we had saved was just enough to cover our tickets and so it is good to know that is taken care of. Today the finality of it all hit me!!!

While all this change is taking place I have had a horrible wake up call. I am far too overweight – friend’s kind words of encouragement and placating have not helped my mindset – you can lie to yourself when you look in the mirror that you don’t look too bad, but when you see the evidence in photos, you can’t lie anymore to yourself. FACT: – I have a lot of weight to lose, but since I have blogged about this before and done absolutely nothing about it, I shall say no more until I actually conquer this thing. I am keeping accountable on another site, and plan to look really good when Hubby arrives permanently in Melbourne to join us, so that is when I will divulge all, but until then, I won’t waste your time thinking, “Is she serious this time, or not?” Yes I am serious, but that’s all you’ll hear from me on this subject.

To everyone I know, love and care about, have a fabulous Christmas. I pray this season will be full of laughter, joy and blessing.


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