Things are progressing slowly but surely with our plans. We are waiting for the return of our passports which I am trusting will be before Christmas, however we have been warned that it could be early January due to the holidays. This has made me loathe to book air tickets as I won’t be able to change them once they are booked. Part of me wants to step out in faith and book them anyway and another part of me wants to be patient – I just keep mentally tallying up the increased fares for every day that we wait!!!

I have been looking at rental homes online and google street view has been wonderful in that I have been able to see the home and then a 360 degree view of what is around the home. That is helpful because the one home looked so wonderful but then I was able to see that directly across the road from it was a medical centre. Helps to make informed decisions.

Iam starting to feel really excited about the move now – in one way I don’t want it to come as our holidays will almost be over then and I will have to say goodbye to my best friend and Hubby for a few weeks, but another part of me can’t wait to settle in a new place that is my home again and where I can set down roots again. In the meantime we are hoping to have agreat Kiwi Christmas and make the most of it.

We are planning a picnic at one of the beautiful spots in our country that we haven’t been to before. This beach is called Tawharanui and is in a marine reserve. We plan to take our fabulous lunch and have a day of swimming (I won’t be included in that as the water will still be freezing I imagine!!), lounging (definitely included in that!!) and maybe some beach game fun. I want to make the most of our short time left here in NZ by visiting a few of the spots we haven’t been to. I plan of course to take my camera with me and get some great shots so will post some photos after Christmas.


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