Empty Nest

24 November 2009

My house is almost empty – devoid of furniture and character as things rapidly exit. We are sitting on our camping chairs in the lounge now and my last few items are selling on Trade Me. I have gone through the kids clothes cupboard and donated bagfuls to charity as I need to pack only the essentials. As much as I enjoy the things I have, I have found this big clean out cathartic. I can’t believe how much stuff we accumulate in the first world. Thousands of people don’t even have water in their homes( if you can call their shelters a home) and yet we take so much for granted.

We have decided to sell some things, but certain items we have given to people we know who need them as we have been prompted by God. This has given us joy when we have seen the look of delight at answered prayer and just generous blessing on their faces. We know that we are sowing seed but more than that – IT JUST FEELS GOOD TO GIVE.

The children have their boxes and I’m even proud to say that some of them don’t even need a large box as they have generously given away too.

I thought I would be feeling a little stressed at all that was happening so fast, but honestly I am so excited – another adventure of who knows what – even not having all the plans in place is okay with me – I feel a peace about it all. Truly, I am a strange woman – I get restless being in one place/home for too long – time to move again!!!


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