Provision – new adventures

18 November 2009

With our plans to move out of our rental home going ahead, and needing to move out a bit earlier than we planned, we were really worried that we would literally be camping for a few weeks. God is so faithful and good – He always provides and this case is no exception for us. Hubby was feeling a little pressured as to where we would go, but it turns out we have been offered someone’s home to housesit for 5 weeks followed by another housesit which should help us for two months. This is perfect for us as we can save some money by doing this which is a big benefit to us. All is looking good so far – we still have some decisions as to timing to iron out, but we are believing God to show us very clearly the way forward. I am feeling very excited now as I have scoured the internet for homes and I have a good feeling for rental prices and what we can get for our money.

19 November 2009

God is so good to us all the time. Just when we feel so blessed at His provision, He does more and blows our minds. We were chatting to our friend in Melbourne about our arrival plans when he told us that the church were so excited we were coming. They don’t even know us, so already I was blown away at their openess to us coming. Then he said that as a church they had collected beds for our kids and a lounge suite for us and one couple have decided to buy Hubby and myself a bed. This is generosity that has floored us – people giving to us when they know nothing about us – now that’s kingdom living at its best.

We have been sowing a lot of our stuff as well as selling it on Trade Me, and we are seeing God’s favour and provision to us. This makes the whole adventure so exciting for us all. The kids have been given a box each and need to select only those really precious items.

So we are packing and emptying out our home at a rapid rate . as I am typing this blog it has come to my attention via Hubby that we now have to move out of our home even sooner than we thought. We have a week to pack up, but this is actually a blessing in disguise as we will save so much more now and we have a place to stay. God truly does care for our every need!


2 thoughts on “Provision – new adventures

  1. Jodi

    That is so wonderful to hear how generous people are being with buying you beds etc. Our God truely is a great provider.


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