New Adventures

Today was a busy day for us after work – we are in speed mode to get our passports processed and with Christmas approaching we want to get them in as soon as possible. We had our photos done today and boy what a mission!!! They have to be perfect so as not to be rejected by the Internal Affairs Department. All I can say is thank goodness for digital cameras or we would be in serious trouble and out of pocket. Underneath  is the second part of our new adventure that I blogged about in November.

12 November 2009

Things seem to be speeding up in terms of our relocation plans. We will attend our citizenship ceremony on the 9th of December and then it will be getting passports that will be our next challenge. This could never be as tedious or as frustrating as trying to get a South African passport. The last time we applied for a SA passport it took seven months – yes I am absolutely serious!!!  When A3 was born we applied for his NZ passport. We were told it would take ten working days which shocked us out of our socks – ONLY 10 DAYS. Well we were further shocked when it arrived 5 days after we submitted it – now that’s quick service!!!

We have started selling off all our extra furniture bits and pieces and things are starting to look a little sparse in the home, but I feel nothing but complete peace and total excitement. I know that this is so right for us as a family. The only thing that makes me kind of sad is that I will only live in NZ as a citizen for a few short months, but then I don’t think I will ever give up my New Zealand citizenship – I am really proud to become a Kiwi and I have so loved living here. Honestly, when we applied  for our citizenship it was not for the purpose of using it to get to Australia – in some ways I thought we would just travel to Oz more frequently but be based here. But, God has other plans, and when your Spirit shouts YES, then you know that you have to follow that call.

We are seriously considering taking a leap of faith and giving notice on our home in December. We have been offered a friend’s home to housesit for almost 6 weeks in December and January and so we are looking at our options.  In the meantime hubby is getting his teaching paperwork in order so as to be able to teach there and we have applied and sent his resume to at least 16 schools.


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