New Adventures – Citizenship Ceremony

Yesterday was  the day we became New Zealand Citizens. I felt so proud to go up and receive my certificate from the Mayor and thankful that we have had this opportunity to become Kiwis. This is a magnificent Nation that is very multicultural and diverse and I shed a good few tears today for various reasons. I especially enjoyed the Waiata that they sang for us and the Haka is always one of my favourite New Zealand things.

Mostly I cried because we will be leaving as I have alluded to and I have loved living here so much, but I am thrilled to be a New Zealander and will always remain so. I cried during the national anthem – our anthem must be one of the most powerful, godly anthems in the world and always brings out pride in me.

I have been blogging about the changes and move we will be making but have waited to post it till we became Kiwis. The date at the top of the post is when I began blogging about it.

Our first family photo as Kiwis.

10 November 2009

I can’t wait anymore to start blogging about our next adventure. Although this will be in draft for awhile before I publish it, I didn’t want to forget any details of how it all came about.

We have been toying with the idea of relocating again for about 10 months. Currently we live in New Zealand but we have been feeling that we need to move to Australia. But, I am getting ahead of myself here.

Before we even came to New Zealand we had a prophecy given to us by a very reputable person. She had no idea that we had it in our hearts to move to NZ as she didn’t really know us at all. When she prophesied she said that she clearly saw us being thrust out into New Zealand. Then she went on to say that we would also go to Australia. I must admit I didn’t really pay any attention to the Australia bit as I was so excited about New Zealand. Incredibly, God has linked us with old friends  who now live in Melbourne and who lead a church there. About 10 months ago they asked us to consider moving over to help them with their church. Initially we weren’t too sure what to do. Technically we couldn’t do anything as we didn’t yet have our New Zealand citizenship and so moving over was out of the question.

That leads me to another prompting. A year ago (even before we connected with our friends again) I felt God really stir my heart to apply for our NZ citizenship. God provided the finance for us to do it even though we were really stretched financially at the time. Now we have our citizenship granted and things are falling into place for us. We  have applied to a number of schools for Hubby to get a teaching post at and we are trusting God for the timing.

It is always good to get confirmation for how you are feeling. The leader of the church we used to lead in South Africa years ago sent us an email. We have not been in contact for awhile and he has no idea what our plans are. This is what he wrote :

We’re excited and expectant for God to use us more and more as we are more aware of Him and more available to Him (as I am writing this I feel to step out and say that I see you packing boxes again! I think that there is a major move for you as a family in 2010- is it into the East – Singapore or Malaysia perhaps?)

Now although we are not going to the East (Singapore opr Malaysia) we are going to the east of Melbourne and the church we are joining works into eastern countries, particularly India. Our heart is to be a part of this work. God speaks to us in wonderful ways and reassures us when things seem fuzzy. He is so good. So things begin to fall into place and I will keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “New Adventures – Citizenship Ceremony

  1. Nicola

    Great stuff! I have been hearing through the grapevine that you guys were going to Ozzie! It seems we applied for citizenship at the same time! Would have been nice if we had been at the same ceremony but then it would have been a long day! Thank goodness it was only an hour an a half and you guys got the afternoon off and blessed with a stunner of a day too!

    A big congrats on your new found country and the new one you will be heading too.

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks and congrats to you too!! It was a stunning day and nice to be off work. Yes, a new adventure – a little nervous but excited too!!


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