Last night was M15’s prize-giving at school. She moaned a little about having to go saying it would be boring and a waste of time. We still insisted that she go because we knew that she was receiving an award although we didn’t know what for. It was a long evening and I even shed a few tears along the way as the college remembered the six students and teacher that drowned in a flash flood while on their outdoor education trip. Even though it is a year and a half ago, I still found it really emotional again as special awards were given and pupils remembered.

It made me so grateful again for my children and reminded me to really cherish each day with them as special and wonderful.

M15 did us so proud. She achieved so well that even we were blown away by it. She received a 1st in science (definitely her dad’s genetics), a 3rd in art painting (my genetics), a 3rd in business studies, 3rd in mathematics and 3rd in English. She has been such a blessing as far as her studies have gone. I have never had to chase her to do her work or to study for tests and exams. She really is a bright and talented girl that is so grounded and she will do amazing things yet in her life I am sure.

I love each of my kids dearly even though they are so different – as much as M15 likes school, E13 would love it if school were forever abolished – funny how different each child reared in the same family can be. We are winding down to the end of the year and I am so looking forward to our summer break – if only summer would arrive!!!


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