I Told You So!!

I  don’t always buy things on Trade Me that need restoration and then leave them forever in my garage gathering dust. Occasionally I actually do restore a piece and then I am so chuffed with myself. That old chaise that I blogged about finally went to the rubbish heap as I realized it was never going to happen – while hubby stood there with that “I told you so” look on his face. But I finally tackled an old blanket box that has been in my room and I recovered it. I bought this box/seat for $5 off Trade Me and I have been longing to do something with it. Well as we are moving very soon (hang in there for another couple of weeks and I will divulge all!!) I decided that I couldn’t throw it away nor could I sell it as it was. I had the fabric I planned to use on the chaise so decided to recover it quickly. I love the result – I’m just mad at myself that I didn’t recover it sooner and get the joy out of it. It all ends well though as I got to give hubby the “I told you so” look back when I sold it on Trade Me for $50. Not bad for a quick project.

Recovering it was surprisingly easy and fairly quick – one morning’s work and hey presto!!

Ugly box before covering.

First I took the lid off by removing hinges.


Covered the padded seat first using tacks and hammer – so simple!!


Seat done.


All complete – got so involved with covering that I forgot to take step by step pictures as I progressed – silly me!!

Looks good don’t you think – I was quite pleased with the end result.






2 thoughts on “I Told You So!!

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks – it was fun to do – I’m just sorry that I won’t get to enjoy it – another reason to never procrastinate.


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