The Joy of Layby

I am usually not terribly organised when it comes to Christmas. In fact I will be one of those people running around on Christmas eve trying to get my last minute gifts and hating the madness of the shopping mall, not being able to get a parking and so on. Each year I vow to be more organised and somehow I never seem to  get there. Well miracles do happen and this year I am well on my way to having everything under control which is a good thing as we are shifting out of our home to housesit on Saturday.

About 2 months ago I decided to start my shopping for the kids for Christmas by buying on layby. I do not have a credit card which is marvellous so this enabled me to buy some things on special but pay them off over three months. I also like the idea of not getting the goods till they are paid off as this curbs wild spending and makes me have to budget so as to pay off some of the gifts each week. This is the way to go in my opinion. There will be no debt to face in the New Year and everyone will have great gifts as I would not have been stuck a few days before Christmas with a small budget. I have almost bought everything – just a few more things to get and all will be good.

Mostly I have enjoyed being organised as I know that I am going to just enjoy having Christmas withoout racing around last minute. I can now focus on what we will eat and do for Christmas day knowing I don’t have to share out my budget between food and presents. I am sold on this layby idea and next year hope to start doing this even earlier – in fact every time there are sales, that would be a good time as you get the item at sale price but can pay it off!!

The only problem I am having is keeping the gifts hidden from nosey little bodies!!


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