I am so thankful for my kids – they are truly a blessing in every area. Of course they drive me insane at times, but that is so insignificant compared to the blessing they bring to our family. They have not had it easy. We are a bit like nomads – as I mentioned in a previous post we have lived in 15 homes – M15 has lived in 12 of them, so they are used to moving around.

Well, another move is imminent for us and we are in downscale, planning mode – I shall divulge details very soon. Through this all, the children have been wonderful. This is not to say that they haven’t felt sad that we will be leaving Auckland, but they have accepted God’s plan for our lives and they have supported us. Never have they been rebellious or resentful of the changes. This can be hard, especially for teenagers, as their friends are so important to them and so I am so grateful for my children’s hearts and that they trust us so much.

I really pray that they will settle quickly and make friends easily – that is my wish!! Love you Kids!!!

Here are my beautiful girls – I took these photos on a beach walk the other day.





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