Last night we had dinner with good friends of ours and we had a blast – literally. After we had indulged in a good meal we  watched some fireworks with the children. It brought back memories to me of when I was growing up. Guy Fawkes was quite a celebration when we lived in a farming community. I remember the huge pile of firewood for the bonfire and the guy that was made to put on top  before it was lit. Sparklers were always a favourite of mine as a child.

The kids really had fun – all except A3 who was scared of the noises and watched from the window indoors. He was a bit skeptical about the sparklers too!! All in all a fun evening.

Here are some photos I took – I wanted to try out my night photography but somehow the settings weren’t right I think. Nevertheless they came out quite pretty anyway. I will have to read the manual!!











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