Little dreams, bunnies and more….

I couldn’t resist taking A3’s photo this morning as he was sleeping so peacefully and he looked so cute and relaxed. There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child!!


I had a huge chuckle the other day as we have finally put Tinkerbell and Rascal together as she is old enough to breed. We want the kids to have the experience of baby bunnies (but I think once will be enough). We watched them for awhile and the saying “breeding like rabbits”  is oh so true. The poor girl ended up running around the hutch after she had had enough. Z9 made this comment and I couldn’t help laughing – it was so funny. She said, “Rascal, I know that feels nice but you need to be considerate to your lover – she has had enough now!!”  Out of the mouth of babes… and what truth there was in it. Heee hee kids can be so funny!!!

So now we have separated them again to give her some peace and he is sulking big time. Now we wait to see if there will be any baby bunnies in a month.

We are heading to exam time in three weeks and M15 is studying hard. She is certainly more diligent than I ever was – I was a crammer just before the exams so I am glad that I don’t have to chase her – she’s a star!!

I am so pleased that I decided to be more organised this year for Christmas. Usually I am running around trying to get gifts at the last minute and with no budget. I have been laybying presents for the children and they are almost paid up so it should be stress free and plain sailing this year – hooray!!! I just can’t believe that the year is almost over – time flies as you get older.


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