Things about me….

Here is a list of things about me that you may or may not know:

  1. I was born in the same hospital as my husband – just 11 months before him.
  2. I love reading medical thrillers.
  3. I was a good swimmer in high school.
  4. I am a trained primary school teacher
  5. I love coffee.
  6. I am writing a novel.
  7. Photography is my latest passion.
  8. I have lived in 15 houses in 20 years of marriage.
  9. My best friend is my husband.
  10. My favourite colour is green.
  11. I had gestational diabetes during pregnancy.
  12. I have taught myself to play the keyboard (acceptably)
  13. I love the country and would live there by choice.
  14. I love shopping for bargains.
  15. Cooking is a joy to me.
  16. Usually I always experiment with a recipe when I am having guests.
  17. My favourite meat would be roast lamb.
  18. We lived on a farm for two years.
  19. My husband made our bed himself.
  20. I mow the lawn occasionally.
  21. I hate hanging up washing.
  22. I don’t iron!! (Only when it is vital).
  23. I always cry at weddings (Except Jill and Kevin’s wedding – see you tube clip on my fresh encounters site)
  24. I am not a typical female nester – I like to move around and have change (hence the many homes we’ve lived in.)
  25. I like adventure and challenges in life.
  26. I am developing a greater love and heart for those who are poor and needy.
  27. I get very annoyed with people who spend time and money saving whales ( even though they need saving) when babies are mercilesly killed in the womb and no one cares.
  28. I think being politically correct is a waste of time and hypocritical.
  29. I appreciate honesty in people.
  30. I enjoy my children.
  31. The  best things that have happened in my life are: knowing Jesus personally, giving birth to my aewesome kids and my wedding day.
  32. The thing I would like most right now is time to tell my family about Jesus love.
  33. I love to worship.
  34. I have plenty of freckles.
  35. I love to ride rollercoasters.
  36. I have never broken a bone yet and hope I never will.
  37. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage.
  38. I have not slept through the night in three and a half years.
  39. If I could travel anywhere in the world I would love to go to Greece, Italy and the Maldives.
  40. I have travelled to Mexico, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.
  41. I believe hospitality is more about heart than the quality of the meal you serve.
  42. I have learned to be creative when times have been tight.
  43. I  still love it when my husband gives me flowers.
  44. I have always wanted a small tattoo.
  45. I used to smoke my dad’s cigarettes when I was a teenager out of my window at night.
  46. We sponsor a little girl from the Philippines.
  47. I miss my family back in SA.
  48. I am so grateful for the family God has blessed me with.
  49. I am terrified of snakes.
  50. Did I mention that I love coffee……



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