Cornwall Park

Today was a public holiday and the weather was very mediocre but we needed to get the kids out into the fresh air. We decided to go to Cornwall Park which is about 15 minutes from our home. This is beautiful parkland with farm animals, old stone walls and amazing trees right in the middle of the city – our piece of country right here!!! The kids had great fun clambering over the walls and being with the animals, all except M15 who was rather tired as she had just returned from a two day hiking expedition. I am very proud of her as she hiked for 8 hours on the first day and for 6 hours the second day with an overnight spent in a tent on the trail. She has tender feet and a sore back from carrying her pack which contained everything.

Cornwall collage


I managed to get some great photos of the kids as well.

Aaron park2




boys park1


zoe on wall

I  love being able to be creative with my new camera in taking shots of part things, like Z9 on thewall, without fully getting her in the shot. Makes it more interesting don’t you think?


zoe park3



Ethan park2

I have decided to try and go for natural shots as the kids get tired of posing for me and they are more natural and fun – just harder to get of course as they move so fast.


zoe park5


zoe park6


Michaela park 3


There were many amazing birds and animals for the kids to see too. This pheasant was stunning!!



The sheep were cool too!! Now if only my kids would pose as nicely as this sheep did for me!!




And then there were cows as well.


All in all a great day and New Zealand at its finest.



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