Homeschooling…. who, me?

A while ago I mentioned that I had applied for three different colleges for E13 to attend next year, all of which were out of our zone. This meant his name was put in a ballot and a certain amount were drawn out for placings. Well E13’s name was not drawn out of any of these ballots. This leaves me with only two choices for next year. I can put him into the college that we are zoned for or I can homeschool him.

I really do not want to place him into a certain college we are zoned for, as I have heard very unpleasant things about this college. I know of two other people who regret placing their kids there – one is doing community service as we speak and hasn’t fitted into any school since being badly bullied at this college. The other kid has been influenced by a bad element and has been ditching school regularly.

My other option is to homeschool him for awhile – I don’t see this as being forever but for a short season. In a way I feel like this is what God is prompting me to do. E13 does not have a passion for school. He has the sense of humour that teachers either love, or really hate and there seems to be no middle ground. This causes some hair raising moments. Mostly I would love him to begin enjoying learning again, and as I have some teacher training and I know him well, I think that we could work on that. 

I would really love to share all that is happening in our lives, but for the moment I need to hold back a little till things fall into place completely for us. All I can say is that we do not believe we will be in this city forever, and so this could be a great season for E13 and I to bond. I have never been keen to homeschool my kids – I do like some space from them at times (sounds terrible I know, but every mother needs some time out) . I admire those mums that choose that path, so I know that this change of heart of mine must be God prompted and the fact that hubby is not dead set against it when he hasn’t been keen for homeschooling either makes me think that God is wanting us to draw our young man back into his family. We have seen E13 finding church very boring and tedious as he hits puberty and he can’t understand why we make him go. Really, all he is trying to do is work out who on earth he is at the moment. He is a unique combination of sensitive, creative and wildly witty and although he challenges our boundaries, he is not rebellious. So, I think I can school him and lay in some exciting spiritual foundations at the same time – HOPEFULLY!!!!


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