photo fun

Yesterday I managed to play a little with my new camera. We went for a walk in the very rare sunshine that had peeped out for a moment and I managed to try out different settings on my camera. By far my favourite will probably be the macro and super-macro functions that enable you to take very detailed close up images. It works brilliantly.

Here are some photos I took using the super- macro function.



This was just really a weed growing on the side of the beach – looks lovely don’t you think?



This succulent plant came out beautifully!

Then I tried out the macro function on close ups of my children and this is the result.


Aaron closeup

It’s really hard to photograph A3 as he moves so fast – might need to try out shutter speed on him!!


This is lovely – caught Z9 blowing bubbles and I love the effect.


zoe bubbles


And then I got M15 on camera too – if you move in this house now, you will be snapped!!


michaela closeup


I also took some scenic photos and some craetive ones – had great fun doing it too.





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