Special Birthday

Today was Hubby’s Birthday. We have been together for twenty-three of his birthdays and married for twenty of them. He is my best friend in the whole world, an amazing  father to his kids and the most positive person I know. The kids each made him a card today and they all expressed how much they love and appreciate him and how much he is a role model to them (all except A3 of course who doesn’t write too well yet!!) He is a passionate person and does things wholeheartedly and with conviction and he loves Jesus more than anything. So Happy Birthday honey- may this next year be one of adventure and blessing for us all.

hami montage

Here is a description M15 wrote when she was 12 years old about her dad. I have treasured this as it is something he will look back on in the years to come with great appreciation. I have edited names and places for privacy.

MY DAD  2006

One of the most important people in my life is my dad. My dad is the father of four children and is married to my mum CH.

Some of the characteristics my dad has are :my dad is a great team player because he  believes in teamwork and allows those around him to exercise their gifts. He is also a good leader  because he leads by example and never expects those who follow him to do anything he won’t do himself . My dad is adventurous and loves challenges – he did Le Race on March 25 and did an excellent job. My dad is also a good problem solver he made bicycle racks for the car and built a bed for mum and himself.

 He is generous and loves to bless people by helping them move house or mow lawns or financially. He never compromises his values, he is able to motivate others to reach their potential and believe God for greater things.

Some more things about my dad are he has a good sense of humor because he is always laughing and in a good mood. He also has a contagious laugh and once the man at the coffee shop gave him a free fill up because he said my dad’s laugh attracted customers.

 My dad is important in my life because he has taught me to have a thankful heart because not everyone has the same privileges as me. He also taught me to have a heart for the nations so I can fit into any culture.

 He has taught me not to sulk or have a bad attitude because he says my character will qualify or disqualify me for what God has for me. He makes sure we are aware of things and selective about what we watch and take in he says “garbage in, garbage out.”

I have lots of fun with my dad we do things like fishing, canoeing, and mountain biking in Bottle Lake Forest.

 In my opinion I think my dad is a great person, dad, and pastor and I think he will always be a great leader.

 My dad says “great gifting and personality are attractive but without character it doesn’t last”.


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