Weekend Retreat

Hubby and I had a fabulous time away this weekend. The weather was not great – it rained and was cold for most of the time, but none of it mattered because we were together and had a good break.


 Today was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the most of it before we headed home at lunchtime. Of course I really missed the children but just being together alone again with no demands was very refreshing.

The cottage we stayed in was gorgeous and very homely.


Sometimes when you book a place to stay via the internet it can be very disappointing, but this was lovely. We had a logburner in our bedroom which we made great use of as it was fairly cold. This was very romantic and reminded us both of a time we had spent at the Himeville Arms in the Drakensberg many years ago.


The garden at this cottage was absolutely beautiful and I got some fantastic shots from it.

arum lily2



On Saturday we had planned to travel to Cathedral Cove and do the 3 hour walk down to the most stunning beach ever, and then we planned to visit the hot water beach afterwards. This beach has hot water under ground and when you dig holes in the sand it fills with hot water. Unfortunately due to the poor weather, we decided not to do it as it was quite a drive. We have decided to go back another weekend with the kids and visit these places. Instead, we went to the Miranda Hot Springs and we soaked in the thermal pools while it rained. It was lovely and so relaxing.


We also visited the Thames Market on the Saturday morning and had some fun browsing at all the local fare. I popped into a thrift store (yes I couldn’t resist) and found myself 4 magazines and a pair of almost new sandals for $3.80. What a bargain.


We also saw some very quaint and beautiful houses but I will post pictures of them another time.

Mostly we relaxed and enjoyed reading and watching dvds as well as treating ourselves to a few luxury items.


Hubby even helped with cooking the breakfast – the kids had a giggle when they saw this photo as cooking is not his favourite thing (unless he’s at the BBQ of course!!)


Today we finally got to the beach for a short while and got some photos before we headed back home.

coromandel beach1

coromandel beach2

I mentioned to Hubby while we  were travelling through farmland that there is no green on earth like New Zealand green. It was so stunning after the rains.


More New Zealand green!!


So all in all we had a fabulous time at our hideaway!! I am one content lady!!!

caroline2 -thames


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