New Baby

I have a new baby. No, not the kind that cries, eats all day and needs diapers changed. My new baby is a gift to me from hubby who has totally blessed me with my own mini-laptop or netbook. He believes in my writing and thinks I need my own workstation to create to my hearts content without having to compete with the kids for the other computer. I feel so blessed. I have a small enough computer to carry around in my handbag if need be, and to quickly jot down things as I think of them. I envision myself sitting in a coffee shop having numerous refills whislt I write/type furiously.

This is my first post using my laptop so very exciting for me. It is such a cool colour too – a beautiful blue colour which is very funky!! The man has taste, what can I say. Not only has he got taste but he is budget conscious too. He shopped around and managed to get this for me brand new for $300 less than anywhere else. A man after my own heart!!

So I am looking forward to creating many blog posts, stories and more using this little baby.


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