Delicious Peach dessert

This dessert is so easy – it will take you 5 minutes to whip up, but it is so delicious. I tested it on some visitors last night and it was unanimous – everyone loved it. It is also a healthier dessert option because of the fruit.


  • As many cans of peach halves as you want (I discovered that there aren’t too many in each can!!)
  • Enough biscuits for the peach halves. I used Kingston biscuits which are a golden, coconut type biscuit with a chocolate filling between the two biscuits. Chockits are also very good in this recipe. Any biscuit that has coconut and sandwiches a layer of chocolate between should work.

Drain the peach juice from the peaches and reserve the liquid. Place the peach halves in an oven proof dish. Place a chocolate biscuit in the middle of each peach half. Pour the peach juice over each biscuit and peach (You can add a drop of brandy to the juice if you wish, but tastes just as good without it.). Place in oven at 160 degrees and allow peaches to get hot and biscuits begin to melt. Remove and serve with cream or a dollop of ice cream. SO EASY!!!


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