Random Ramblings

I have been so busy lately that I have neglected a number of things here on my blog. So this post will be random ramblings about some of the things I was hoping to post on but never got around to it.

Random Fact 1: My Book

The reason for my lack of time is because of the novel I have been writing. Yes, it is coming on better than I ever imagined and I have written 65  A4 size pages with thousands of words. I am guessing that it will make approximately 120 pages of a smaller book and I am still finding writing this story inspiring, fulfilling and exciting. It has blown my mind how the story has come together and how it is all working out. I don’t profess to be an awesome writer, but even if no one else ever reads it, I feel a sense of accomplishment at just seeing this through. Poor hubby will have to sit through this story to give me some honest feedback when I am done. Can’t wait to finish the draft and then start tweaking it. Anyone with any publishing hints, please pass them on to me!!

Random Fact 2: – Fat to Fab

Yes, I have really dropped the ball on posting on this one. Well, not too much to report here – I’m still fat and working on the fab part. I lost about 2kg and then got really busy with work and gained them again. (Of course the chocolate I ate for stress had nothing to do with it!!!) I am trying to cut down on my bread intake as this really seems to bloat me and I get chronic heartburn from it. Hubby and I are both on holiday and have been doing long early morning walks along the waterfront which has made me feel a lot better. I know that I need to be realistic about how much I want to lose so I am aiming for 15kg as a start. I have a plan in mind but I am not willing to divulge any details just yet until I see how it works. Will let you know when I get started. Trust me, there will be posts about this if the weight starts dropping off!!

Random Fact 3: – The Chaise

Hubby chuckled at me the other day and said, “I knew it – the chaise would never get completed and it’s still in the garage.” GULP – he’s right – it is still in the garage and looking worse than when I bought it. His disdain and dare just might motivate me to get it done – would love to see him eat his words!!!

Random Fact 4: – Kid’s Schools

I applied for E13 to go to 3 different colleges all out of our zone. I was really putting my faith out for him to get into one of them through the ballot. Well – he didn’t get into any and is on the waiting list, so now the only choice I have is to send him to the college in our zone (which I really did not want to do!!!) or to pray like mad that a space becomes available for him at one of them. I have had some success with A3 though. I have managed to find a preschool for him that has flexible hours and will take him during my work hours. What a mission that has been. The best part is that they will have a space for him very soon which is incredible as most centres have huge waiting lists. Took him for a visit and he loved it – he didn’t want to come home which is a good thing.

Random Fact 5 – We’re on Holiday

Yes, we are all on holiday. I love that we are all able to be on holiday at the same time. Hoping to have a few great family outings. M15 has just bought herself a mobile phone and is glued to it constantly sending and receiving txt messages – hopefully we can get some quality time with her!! Spring is here and looking forward to some beach visits – roll on summer.


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