Teenage Years

I am feeling quite feaked out lately. It has hit me that I have a teenage daughter – and a very beautiful one at that!!!  Last week a boy at her school asked her to start dating – I am definitely not ready for that!!!

Fortunately she talks to me and we discussed what that means and the pressure it would put on her. We had some really good chat time about sexual purity and how a relationship can test all the convictions one might have. I thank God for a daughter who is conservative and knows what she wants from a relationship. She knows that she wants to keep herself for her husband one day, but at the same time it is so flattering to be liked. She came home looking a bit down last week after turning him down, as she was feeling bad for hurting him. I am proud that she considers others feelings, but prouder of her for sticking to her resolution not to date too young.

Of her own choice, she has been reading Kris Vallotton’s book ” Sexual Revolution”. This must be the best book I have ever read on sexual purity. It is written like a parable or allegory and is so easy to read and understand. Above all though, he shares how precious it is to remain pure and why it is important without making the reader feel they have been handed rules from a prudish parent. He makes it sound cool!!

So, the teenage journey begins, and I am praying hard for my daughter – and for the man that God has for her one day. I am beginning to claim and declare the qualities that I think will be a blessing to her to be found in the young man she will marry one day.

My daughter is a complete romantic at heart. Her favourite movies are “Pride and Prejudice”, “Ever After” and “The Notebook”. She loves reading historical novels full of heroes and heroines and she is already planning that beautiful wedding dress she will wear one day. I count it a priviledge that she shares with me her dreams, fears and thoughts – I pray she will continue to do so.


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