Kitchen Garden

Spring is on our doorstep and it is starting to warm up  beautifully. I am determined to make a kitchen garden this year and grow some veggies and flowers in a number of pots outside our kitchen area. Hubby is going to do his upside down tomatoes (for want of another name) and I will post separately about that. I am planning on a variety of lettuce (mesclun and rocket) as well basil, coriander, spring onions, peppers  and whatever else takes my fancy. I am also planning on revamping my outdoor area so that we can enjoy it more this summer for entertaining. At this point in time it is just a covered gazebo/pagoda that houses my washing on wet winter days, but I see a lot of potential here.







So watch this space over the next month and see how it all turns out. This has to be a project done on a budget of course – that is part of the challenge!!


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