School Woes

E13 is going into Secondary school next year and I have to get his applications in by the end of this week. I still can’t make up my mind where I want him to be. The school we are zoned for does not have the greatest reputation and I will not send him there. Every other school I like is out of zone and so we have to apply and pray we win the lotto. It is a ballot system and so prayer is a real consideration here. I know what my first choice is, but if that fails (where is my faith???) I have to have applied to other schools in case. So I am filling out reams of paperwork and each school seems to want different things grrr….

He does not want to go to the same school M15 and Dad are at ( Hubby teaches there and is not still at school in case you were worried!!) and somehow I am not sure that is the best place for him anyway. Well I just have to trust God that he knows which place is best for my boy. Who knew that choosing schools could be such an ordeal!!!


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