Stir Crazy

I am starting to go stir crazy at certain things in the world that take so long!!! I have lived in another nation to my family for seven years and I do miss them all. Having technology like email and the internet is really helpful as well as things like twitter and facebook, but it really doesn’t help when the context they are in is so BACKWARD!!! 

 Mom and Dad sold their home almost two years ago to move to a more secure home that would meet their needs as they get older. This home was being built for them in a complex and was promised to be completed by December of 2007. They moved out of their sold home in November 2007 and went touring the countryside in their caravan for a month. That is what should have happened. The move in date was then pushed to February 2008 and so they continued to tour South Africa.

They finally moved into their almost complete home in March 2009. Yes, it took 16 months for their home to be built – how shocking is that. In all that time, I have hardly known where they were, if they were safe or okay. We had brief telephone calls from public phones (If they could find one that hadn’t been vandalised) over the last two years.

Now I am finally about to blow my top!! They have their home now but have been waiting 5 months for their telephone – so still no email, phone calls and catch ups!!  I’ve had enough – I WANT MY MOMMY!!!

Of course my ranting won’t change the fact that the cogs turn painfully slowly in that country and that there is no competition in the business sector. I chuckle because I know that if we had not got our phone line instantly here in NZ, then we could have called a few other companies and had our door beaten down to provide the service to us. Oh well tantrum over for the day – I feel much better now. Just looking forward to that first real chat to Mom and Dad in almost two years SIGH!!!!


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