Branching Out

I am branching out and have started another blog called Fresh Encounters. This will be a blog that I, and hopefully Hubby, (if I can convince him that blogging is really cool!!) will contribute. It is dedicated solely to the manifest Glory of God and will focus on what God is doing in our lives as a family. I hope it will encourage you to believe God for greater things in your life and to be more expectant as a believer. We have just completed the Xtreme Prophetic Glory School this weekend and it was lifechanging – I will never be the same again!!! That is all I am going to say about it on this blog. I will slowly start posting on the other blog some testimonies of the weekend. If you are interested the link is  Hope you enjoy!!!

Our weekend was crazily busy with us doing this course. We rushed in and out of home for a half hour at a time between sessions checking on the kids and getting them to birthday parties, friends etc. It was well worth it though . In between all this I am writing my first fiction novel (It may be long or short depending on how it goes!!). I have been captured by this task and the words are flowing when I sit down at the laptop. Having a good brewed coffee on hand really helps as well as my MP3 player with my favourite worship music. I have found my creativity has been awakened since I have seen God’s Glory revealed to me, but again I will post about that sometime on the other blog. I haven’t given up on my short children’s story. That is complete but I am working on the illustrations still so it is in progress. This book is aimed at my older children and those adults even, who like reading fantasy, with truth woven into it.  I wonder whether a real writer’s life is calm and serene and quiet as they tap away on their computers or whether the noisy, child interrupted scenario that happens in my home works for them. Somehow through God’s graciousness I have been able to write with family chaos going on around me!! Oh well – time will tell.

I missed my first blogging birthday on the weekend so Happy Birthday to my blog. I have had so much fun blogging and connecting with different people through this. It has been inspirational to me. Thanks to my friend embejo at

 who inspired me to start blogging – thanks friend – this has been a wonderful outlet for my sanity!!!


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