Vegetable Spring rolls

I decided to make some spring rolls as they are quite expensive to buy from the takeout place. The kids absolutely loved them and I even improvised and replaced things I didn’t have. So here goes – this is what I did:


1  packet of frozen spring roll pastry

3/4 cabbage shredded

2 large carrots grated

Spaghetti broken into very small pieces (I didn’t have real vermicelli)

Oyster Sauce

Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce.

Fresh coriander


First I mixed it all together



Then I cooked it up in some water with chicken stock until the spaghetti was tender. I drained off the excess liquid and added some oyster sauce and sweet chilli sauce. I also like to add some sugar so that it is slightly sweet. I know I am an annoying cook as I can’t give exact quantities – I’m sorry, that’s just how I cook – taste as you go along. Lastly I added some chopped coriander because it is my favourite thing!!


Defrost your pastry – it is very thin.



This is how I filled and rolled them and then finally fried them in hot oil in my wok.


ENJOY!!!! These work out cheaper than buying them at the takeout – they cost about $1-60 to $2 per springroll at the takeout whereas mine worked out at about 40 cents each and one packet of pastry made 20 springrolls.


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