School Ball

Hubby and I attended the school ball (where he teaches) on Saturday evening. I must say that I had great fun even though I wasn’t as formally dressed as the young girls that attended. There were some beautiful gowns that the girls wore (probably with beautiful price tags). The definite winner for best gown on a tiny budget would have to go to the young music teacher (who must be in her early 20’s) – she found her pale blue, off the shoulder gown at a thrift store for $1. Wish I had taken a photo of it!!

I ended up wearing a long black velvet dress that I already had in my cupboard. It cost me $2 at a thrift store. I wore my red boots with it too. I looked at  thrift stores all week for a shawl or a top that I could wear over my dress as it is still a bit chilly at night, but everything I found was too expensive. Eventually I bought a new black long sleeved top that I will get a lot of wear out of on a sale for $20. Hubby looked really dashing in his suit – what a good looking man I have!! Z9 picked out his clothing very proudly for him. His suit was also a thrift store find for $15 – in perfect condition.

I added a necklace that my children bought for me – a beautiful cross. M15 straightened my newly coloured hair and I was ready to go. The food was great and we danced until I had cramp in my feet. A really fun evening. Enjoy the photos.

Ball 09


2 thoughts on “School Ball

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks Nix – I usually go to Savemart but also like the Southside recycling store in Onehunga and they also have one in Otahuhu on Saleyards road.


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