13 Today

My E12 is turning 13 today – another teenager in the home – boy I am starting to feel my age. He has been such a blessing to us – he is stretching his boundaries as all kids do, and so much discussion and give and take has to be worked out. I feel as though I am going through the “why” phase again with a toddler at times, but despite all that we have loved every moment with him in our family. He is a combination of creative, sensitive, affectionate with a wicked sense of humour. Always teasing his sisters, but loves playing with his little brother. His favourite thing is computer and he loves making movies and drawing cartoons. He likes to skateboard and is going through a “I need my hair long and my independence phase” as he tries to find out who he really is.


 His favourite food is nachos and sushi and he loves fantasy movies with a supernatural element like “Jumper”. ( We love the supernatural too, and are always encouraging Him to trust God for great miracles, signs and wonders.) Happy Birthday E13 – we love you!!! Thanks Lord for a wonderful son!!!

He so loved his new pyjamas that he put them on straight away – what an easy kid to please!!!


EJ 13


Here are some photos taken over the last few years – I need to scan in some baby photos of him as I don’t have too many on the computer.

EJ 13 montage


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