Clothing for Less

Help!! I am attending a school ball with Hubby on Saturday Evening and I have nothing to wear and no budget to shop on. Actually I am not a dress person – definitely not the girlie sort of girl and so spending money on a dress I will only ever probably wear once is criminal to me. Don’t get me wrong – I like dresses – on other people. Somehow I don’t feel right in a dress (I’m a pants girl!!) – unless it is the perfect cut and shape for me, and I find those dresses hard to find. Anyway, maybe I will find a skirt and top as I will probably wear those more. I have decided not to spend a lot but to look for something I will wear again, and I am definitely shopping fo this outfit at a thrift store/opportunity shop. So wish me luck – I will post the results of what I find later with some pics of us on the night. So here’s hoping I am blessed and get some great bargains at the thrift store. I must say the challenge of finding the outfit on a budget is more appealing to me than the actual ball event – I love a challenge and looking for cool outfits in a large warehouse that has no particular order to it is a dream come true for me – can’t wait for that part!!

In the meantime here are some of my thrift store finds.

A $4 crossover shirt


A lovely skirt for $5 – has some great pockets!!



My beautiful red lace up boots for $8 – I might wear these on Saturday to the Ball as it is winter here and they could be quite funky!!





A colourful top that is very lightweight for $4 and quite retro.



My sandals that are so cute for $3- they have a gold heel and little diamond detail on them.



So looking good isn’t reserved for only those with smiling bank balances – we can all look good for less if we are willing to visit those thrift stores. Growing up in South Africa, we had no second hand clothing stores – and you would never buy pre-loved clothing as this was not considered the right, middle class thing to do. Oh how we missed out on such a brilliant way to clothe ourselves!!! I love thrift store clothes shopping – who wouldn’t feel good walking out a store with ten items or more of clothing for 40 bucks?? So…. is that elusive ball outfit waiting for me out there in thrift store land? – I hope so!!


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