Great Reads

There is nothing better than sitting in a sunny spot and reading a good book. I have been reading a few books on different subject matters, and I have found myself learning a number of things, so here are some of my reads and my thoughts on them….

I have just finished reading an amazing fiction book  – it is called “The Shack” written by William P. Young.

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Now I know that there are people out there who don’t believe it is theologically correct and all that, but that is what I find so refreshing about it. It is so unreligious and challenges all our mindsets about who God is and even how He looks. It is a story of one man’s encounter with God at a shack and how his life is changed forever as a result. It inspires me to think bigger and really challenges me not to put God in a box because of my limited imagination or preconceived pictures I have of Him. It also humbles me to see others with more grace and to be less judgmental of others, but mostly how forgiveness is vital to walk in freedom.

I found myself weeping and at times laughing as I read parts of this book, as I could so identify with the character. This story hits home if you have ever suffered broken relationships, pain or tragedy in your life. It left me hungry for more of God’s presence in my life and less of religion and man’s ideas of serving Him. The fact that God is depicted  in this story as a motherly Afro-American woman did not bother me in the least – in fact I think it was brilliant of the author to do this as so many people have poor father role models and poor father images and this really helped me to see God with a tender really loving side. Definitely one of the best books I have read this year. For more info go to

The other book I am busy reading is The Supernatural ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson. This has given me a new insight into who I am in God’s kingdom – my true value as a daughter and my position in Him. I realize as I read this book that I have been brought up in a culture that has put a poverty mentality into me and this has been evident in the way I perceive myself and have related to God and how my faith has at times wavered based on my feelings of worth. A great book that inspires believers to see themselves as Christ sees us and to operate as kings and not paupers.

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I have read a book called “Fit Not Fat At 40+” and this has helped me to understand my body and all the changes that happen as you get older. I have learned that stress releases cortisol and that this can cause hunger pangs which can lead to overeating and weight gain. I have also discovered that lack of sleep causes weight gain (Hello can relate to that one with a toddler who does not sleep well!!!). I also learned about a number of conditions and things that cause our bodies metabolism to slow down. It was all very interesting and helpful. It also gave solutions to eating and kickstarting your metabolism as well as exercise plans and solutions – a great book.



I also bought a magazine recommended to me by my friend mrspoz called “Super Food Ideas”. It was so inspiring and full of economical and very tasty dishes which I will try out and post as I go along. So thanks mrspoz – check out her blog.


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And lastly, I have watched my first three Harry Potter movies (I can hear some of you gasping in shock and horror!!) and thoroughly enjoyed them I might add. Sorry if I have lost you at this point, but I am convinced that God is restoring supernatural signs and wonders to His church at this time and we have been so scared of the supernatural and worried about it influencing us when actually this movie has inspired me to step out more for God in the area of the supernatural and pray for miracles, as what we see in these movies is just the counterfeit of the power that we have in Christ. We can do greater things than these, but we have been lulled into unbelief and comatose church behaviour that is powerless and ineffective. Well no more of that for me!! I want to see more of God’s power in my life and I want to see more lives transformed and changed.

So that is my reading for the moment – I love that God can speak to me in so many ways and that creativity is just being awakened in me as freedom comes to me in greater revelation. What great books have you been reading?


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