Living Room Revamp

I am not the average mum and wife!! The nesting instinct that we women are supposed to have does not work well for me. Although I love my home, I tend to get bored very quickly and that’s when I usually get the urge to paint, move all the furniture around or hubby’s worst nightmare of all, I look for a new home to rent. Now it actually would be easier if we owned our home, because then I could change wall coverings, knock out walls, add on etcetera. I announced to hubby the other day that I wanted to change the living room around – I could see him rolling his eyes and thinking, “here we go again!!”  So today I got busy and moved all the furniture around ( I did a good clean at the same time so something useful was accomplished). I really wanted a completely different look, but after moving our TV cabinet which was very heavy, I realised that it had to stay in its place because of cables, aerials etc. This was rather annoying to me because now I only had a very limited way to move my furniture. Eventually all I could do was to swap the two couches around and move a few accessories around the room. Here is what my one wall originally looked like:


After changing couches and adding a lovely piece of fabric to my couch this is what it looks like now:

lounge montage


This cream couch was bought off my favourite auction site Trade Me for $28 – it is very well made and comes from America – it weighs a ton. It really needs to be recovered now after my lot have used it, but I am hoping to make some covers for it someday.

My coffee table is another Trade Me find – it is square with metal legs and the top is an old game board that has been converted. I am thinking of maybe painting the legs a shabby chic cream and then staining the wooden board game a darker brown so that the patterns still show through.

lounge montage2


I absolutely love the HOME letters that a friend gave to me – they hold little tealight candles in the top and look lovely lit up.


Sometimes it is the little things that count in making a room lovely – I love candles as their light flickering really can make a room feel warm and welcoming. I have also raided one of my blossom trees which is starting to flower early. A few gnarly branches in a vase or jar are very effective!!



Of course my rug was a $15 Trade Me find (as you have gathered, most of my furniture is from here!!) and with a little rearranging my lounge looks a little different. I can almost hear hubby sighing  a sigh of relief – at least I am not on Trade Me looking for a new rental home (Yes you can even get those on Trade Me!!!). So for now I am content, but who knows how long that will last before the urge to reaarange strikes again.


2 thoughts on “Living Room Revamp

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks Amber – it is rather unique!! I have enjoyed browsing through your blog too – very inspiring thanks


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