An Author in the Making

For quite a while I have been wanting to write a children’s story in rhyme targeting children from the ages of 3 years to about 6 years of age. Somehow I have never managed to get it right, but today that all changed. I have discovered that since I have had a revelation of God’s Kingdom being in and through me that many of my meagre talents have actually improved. I am having amazing prophetic dreams (but that is another story!!), my pathetic keyboard playing has actually improved and the writing creativity is flowing. Today I sat down and began to write a story – God must have anointed me because it just came and I  wrote the whole story in about an hour – I kid you not!!! I was thrilled with the result and my kids loved the story too. Now I am going to keep you in suspense I am afraid, as I am planning to illustrate my story and even get it printed if possible. I would so love to have something one day for my grandkids to read. So hopefully my art skills have improved too – I haven’t done any paintings recently so we will see. Looking forward to the challenge. This is so exciting to me just how God’s creative DNA has been breathed into each one of us – we are able to create the most amazing things because we are made in His image – how exciting is that!!


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