fat to fab update

School and work have started again after a two week break and so I haven’t had much time for blogging. This is a quick update on the body makeover that I keep hoping will happen more by positive confession than my disciplined behaviour!!! I keep telling myself that I am thin and beautiful, but somehow I have an evil bathroom mirror that I am confronted with every morning when I shower – you know the kind I mean – similar to those mirrors you get at carnivals that make you look short and REALLY wide!! No all joking aside, I have found it very difficult to buy healthy  choices on a small food budget and so it has been difficult but I shall persevere.  I have managed to lose about a kilogram and a half over the last couple of weeks and that is with minimal exercise. I am hoping to up the exercise level but finding dark winter mornings are not helpful. I have not posted any recipes as they have not been particularly healthy – I have managed to lose the bit of weight by cutting down my portion sizes, eating every 4 hours (a small amount to keep my blood sugars stable), and cutting down on my bread consumption. So that is my wisdom for tonight – as it is almost midnight and I am typing in the dark next to a restless toddler who has woken up for the third time already tonight, I don’t guarantee that it will make much sense. May I get some sleep tonight PLEASE!!!!


2 thoughts on “fat to fab update

  1. mrspoz

    Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to know I’m not alone out there 😉 I just remembered that I still have your Low GI book that you lent to me while I was pregnant and scared that I might get gestational diabetes! I must return it to you! Maybe that might help with some ideas for food?

    Otherwise I can highly recommend two monthly magazines that I purchase called “recipes+” and “super food ideas”! They are $3.50 each and give you a 4 week meal plan that are under $100 per week and they tell you what each recipe cost per serve. I now do a weekly shopping instead of monthly and shop according to the meal plan set up for the week. You can even swop them around and borrow from other recipes.

    These magazines have been fantastic as we are also on a small budget. They have everything from snacks, dessert, meal favorites and some breakfast ideas too I think. I think the August issue is out already.

    Here are the links to what they mags look like:

  2. 4maze Post author

    Thanks mrspoz – will definitely keep my eyes peeled for these mags as I am always needing fresh ideas. Sometimes the kids will ask me what the meal we are eating is called and I will have no answer – except that they need to give it a name as it was created with what was in the cupboard – being on a budget means you sometimes have to be creative!! No rush for the book either.


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