Tinkerbell and Rascal

Today our family increased by two – we have two new mini lop rabbits and they are so cute and cuddly. Z9 and A3 have been desperate for a pet bunny and finally today was the day. I feel totally bunnied out (if there is such a thing as that!!!) after looking for endless bunnies on the internet. They had to be affordable and not too far to collect and we wanted the mini lops as they don’t grow too big. Finally we found these two little critters. They are eight weeks old and enjoy being cuddled by the children. Initially A3 wanted to name his bunny Batman but we managed to talk him out of it and he has settled on Rascal now. Z9 has called  her bunny Tinkerbell and  she hasn’t stopped smiling all afternoon.

Here are the additions to the family.

Tinkerbell and Rascal montage

Aren’t these photos cute – the delight on the kids faces makes it so worthwhile!!

Zoe and Tinkerbell


As I am typing this A3 is correcting me and telling me that his bunny is called Batman Rascal – and I thought we had convinced him!!! – guess this 3 year old knows his own mind.

Aaron and Rascal


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