Museum Outing

Yesterday we decided to get the kids out of the house – too much rain and miserable weather and everyone starts getting cranky. So we decided to visit the museum. This is one of  M15’s favourite places. She has a love of history and anything really old, so she actually jumped out of bed early when she heard that we were about to go.

Even A3 enjoyed running around looking at things. He was most fascinated with the bug and insect collection – the live roach display was really cool to him, whereas I was tempted to whip out a can of DOOM and spray them liberally. The huge tarantula spiders had M15 freaking out!!

We loved looking at the local Maori History and seeing all the Pacific Island artwork.

museum montage


One of our favourite rooms was the Volcano room – because we live on a volcanic island and our city is full of extinct (we hope!!) volcanoes, we found this information fascinating. There was a rather realistic volcano/earthquake experience of what it would be like if a volcano were to erupt in our city – we all came out wide – eyed!!!



M15 really enjoyed looking at the war history and the boys loved the fighter planes. By far my favourite was the Colonial Town with all the interesting little shops. Z9 managed to find an outhouse (or longdrop) and found this most amusing. All in all a good and cheap outing for the whole family!!!

colonial montage


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