From Fat to Fab

Today is D – day!!! Enough is enough – I need to lose 10kg and hubby feels the same way (about himself – not me!!!). So we are embarking on a  lose weight campaign from today. My weight has slowly crept up after having four children and I am embarrassed to say that I weigh more now than I did at full term carrying A3. Being on a very tight budget hasn’t helped of course, but I now have a new challenge on that front – to shop on a tight budget for healthier alternatives. I have gone back to looking at the Low GI (Glycaemic Index) way of eating. This was really helpful to me when I had gestational diabetes and I could really see how it helped with my weight and health then. So as I go along with this challenge, I will keep you up to date on the interesting facts I discover along the way.

My first goal is to get my head focussed, otherwise I will never see this through. I have a number of testimonies of people who have gone from overweight to looking fabulous with pictures to motivate me. I plan to read a couple of these each day.

Then I need to plan exactly what I am going to eat each day, the night before, because otherwise I find myself forgetting to eat or grabbing unhealthy snacks on the run.

Exercise each day has to become a given – even if it is just a walk.

Drinking plenty of water seems so simple but is one thing I really battle to do – more water is imperative!!

So here we go – hopefully we will be able to stick to it and let you know how it goes. I am looking forward to getting into those jeans again in my wardrobe – I am tired of lying on the bed to zip up my trousers – No more I say!!!!

This is a recent picture of hubby and I – stay tuned, the next time you see us, there should be less of us!!! (although you can’t really see because we’re sitting).



One thought on “From Fat to Fab

  1. Nisha

    Good luck….please do post recipes of the dishes you make, so i can try them too and lean towards a healthier way of eating.


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