Yahoo – it’s the holidays!!

At last we have arrived – it is the winter holidays and I am so looking forward to the break after working through the children’s holidays the last year and a half. Unfortunately the weather has been rather changeable and as a result we have been warring against sickness in the family for the last four weeks. Seems that as one child gets over it, the next catches it and so it goes round and round in what seems like a never ending cycle. I have made a number of visits to the doctor and with everyone paranoid about swine flu at  the moment, sitting in a doctors room full of coughing, sneezing and wheezing people is not my idea of fun. I always pray that I am not going to leave there with something I didn’t have before I arrived.

Anyway all that aside, I am hoping to tackle some fun tasks this holiday and hopefully get out on some day trips with the kids. So roll on holidays – Today is cold and rainy – a day where it seeps into your bones and it feels hard to get warm. So, my first task is to hit the library and get some good home mags and some books to read for the holidays. Added to that will be a hot latte and maybe a block of choccie. Sounds good to me.

winter warmth


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