Chicken Pita Burgers

This is a great alternative to a regular burger – my kids prefer these too!! They are quick and easy to make which is always a bonus.

Grill your chicken burgers – I used crumbed chicken burgers when I made these, but chicken steaks are even better and healthier if you can afford them.



Then I chopped up some cabbage and grated some carrot and cheese and mixed it all into a bowl. To make hawaain pitas I like to add some crushed pinapple to the mix.


Then I made a dressing of mayonnaise thinned with milk, salt, pepper and a good dollop of sweet chilli sauce. I mixed this into the cabbage mix to make a coleslaw.


You could use salad greens instead of the coleslaw – I just like using this slaw because all my kids enjoy it and it’s a great way to get those veggies in.

Toast your pita breads in the toaster – I used cheese and herb pitas here. Cut the pockets open and fill with chicken and coleslaw. All that’s left to do is ENJOY THEM!!!



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