Children’s Drawers makeover



I decided to tackle the kids drawers and give them a fun look for their room. The drawers were rather tatty but still are in fairly good condition. Awhile ago I bought a pair of Roman Blinds for their windows, because the rental home curtains were really uninspiring. I managed to find these blinds for $1.

I love the diamond pattern and so I decided to do a harlequin pattern on the front of the drawers.

I simply wiped the drawers down before I started painting ( I always look for shortcuts). Then I had a diamond template which I used to put the diamonds on the drawers. Threw on some masking tape and got M15 to help with the painting which made it go extra fast.






As you can see I decided to paint the top the same teal blue. I used a testpot of paint which cost very little and I decided not to use a typical bright blue like the blinds because, firstly,I already had this testpot of paint and secondly, I didn’t want it looking so bright that it was an eyesore.

Then I painted the rest with a cream paint that I mixed a hint of yellow into to give it a pale creamy yellow colour.


To finish it off with a fun element, I painted a number on each drawer.


This was a very cheap makeover as I already had testpots of paint that were given to me and the drawers cost me $10 off Trade Me.

Doing these drawers has motivated me to do a complete makeover in this bedroom. It is a small room that Z9 and A3 share and it is not the nicest room in the home. The wallpaper is horrible and there is not much space to store things. Because we rent the home I can’t paint the shelves and walls, but I am going to take this as a challenge and see what I can do without spending a whole lot. Watch this space….



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