Poor man’s enchiladas

Tonight was a challenge for me for dinner – I always find this the case toward the end of the week just before payday – you know when the cupboards are almost empty and the bank account looks the same!! So I had to come up with a meal with a few ingredients in the cupboard. This is what we had and everyone (Except Z9 who is sick and not eating!!) loved it. I call it poor man’s enchiladas.

I only had about 500 grams of beef mince. I had a packet of 15 budget brand tortillas, a tin of baked beans and two tins of tomatoes. Last but not least I had a little bit of cheese left that I grated.

I cooked up the mince, added the beans and half a tin of tomatoes. Then I added salt and pepper, a bit of chilli powder, some thai spice and a little sugar.

Then I put some of the cheese and mince mix into each tortilla and rolled them up. Once they were all in my raosting pan, I covered them with the remaining tomatoes and topped that with the last bit of cheese. They went into the oven for about 20 minutes and that was it!!

The cost of this meal was as follows and fed five of us with leftovers (seen in the photo)

  • Mince  $3.50
  • Tortillas  $3.99
  • Beans    79c
  • Tinned Tomatoes  2 @ 99c each       $1.98
  • Cheese – I used about $2 worth

So this meal totalled out at $12.26 for our family of 6 – that works out to $2.04 per portion. The most expensive part of the meal was the tortillas – if I had wanted to cut the cost further or had time to make them, I would have. There is also no need to use huge amounts of meat or cheese in each tortilla as this is a very rich dish.



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