wedded bliss – then and now…

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary – I can’t believe that 20 years have passed since my wedding day!! I realise suddenly how much older I am although I don’t feel that old.

We were married in the 1980’s (that alone should elicit sighs of sympathy for us as it must have been the fashion nightmare for any bride!!!) and so my advice to young brides about to get hitched : – do yourself a favour and wear a classic dress that is not a fashion icon for now, as one day you will look back and think, “What was I thinking???”

We had no money when we got married as hubby was still a student and I was earning very little at the time. Our parents did the best they could to give us the best wedding ever and for that I am grateful. However there are some things that should never be compromised when planning your wedding. Photography has to be essential. We had happy snaps of our wedding – the “photographer” was sleeping and took no photos of us during our ceremony (believe it or not!!). These days things are so much easier with digital cameras – oh how I wish we had that luxury then. As I am complaining, I can imagine my grandparents thoughts – “at least you had colour photographs!! ” Anyway with computer technology I have been able to take my very boring wedding photos and edit them a little.

We had our share of wedding day mishaps- my flowers had been in warm water in a warm room all night in the hope that the buds would open to no avail, so a last minute plan was made with a new sheath of flowers. As already mentioned the photographer must have nodded off to sleep during the service, and a friend of ours who did take photos discovered he had no film in the camera!! I managed to run over a cat the night before my wedding which had me in tears and the guy organising our wedding video could not get a camera at the last minute… so … no wedding video!! Despite all that it was a great day and one I will never forget!

My hubby is the most wonderful man in the world. I love him more now than ever – we have four fantastic children together and we have had some adventures in our 20 years together – some have been exhilirating, some have been nerve-wracking and some have been very painful BUT…. we have weathered them all together as best friends and lovers. Here’s hoping for many more years together.

Enjoy my wedding album. (And please remember… this WAS the 80’s!!)


The kids laughed when they saw me edit this photo and make it “posterized”. They said that Hubby looked scary and a bit like an elf!!! Heee Heee…

wedding montage1


wedding montage 2

And one of my favourites!!!…


wedding kiss


That was then ….. and this is us now – 20 years later and a lot greyer and a few  lot of pounds heavier!!

20 yr anniversary montage


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