Spring Clean in Winter

Who says spring cleaning has to be kept till spring?


Yesterday I decided to tackle my bedroom – things were piling up (mainly washing due to all the winter rain – grrr…) and there was some paperwork that was becoming a mountain next to my bed. Enough was enough – my cupboard needed a good clean out too, and this was the weekend. I am very pleased with the new, neater look – my bedroom is a pleasure to be in again as it feels more relaxing and less cluttered. Here’s how it turned out!!


I recovered my lamp very quickly with some gold wallpaper that I found at a market for next to nothing. this is a temporary job until I can complete it with some braid. I will post a tutorial on how to do this sometime.


We live in a rental home and so I have no say in the old wallpaper that comes with the house. I wasn’t sure that I would cope with our bedroom wallpaper when we moved in, but I have come to love it!! I worked around the busyness of the wallpaper by keeping everything else fairly neutral – our duvet is white as is our quilt. I have white/cream side tables and drawers and a very fine curtain that is white. This is punctuated with bright colour in cushions.



bedroom montage


But the most precious of all things in my bedroom is the kauri bed that Hubby made with his own two hands. He is no woodworker, but he did a fantastic job on the bed. We had looked at wooden beds and they all started at about $600 so that was not going to work for us. We found a recycling store that sold old single beds. We bought  about six old kauri beds at $5 a bed and from there he designed and made our bed. It is extremely heavy to move but I love it. All in all it probably cost about $80 to make with the tools included. The biggest cost was buying a new mattress to sleep on.


I have an old storage seat that I bought for $5 in my bedroom, and I am going to recover that soon so hopefully you will get to see that at some stage.

I like to add softness with a mohair blanket that was Hubby’s grandmothers.


And last but not least, every girl loves to have flowers of course!!!



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