Dresser Makeover

Today I was feeling very creative and so I decided to strike while the iron was hot. I have tackled another makeover project on a set of drawers that I bought off trade me for $6. These drawers had huge potential, so I thought, and I loved the handles and the little legs.




A quick coat of paint and they look totally different – I love the new look. This is how it looked before, although the photo looks better than it actually did.



This is how it looked after a coat of paint. I didn’t even have to buy the paint – a friend gave me her leftover testpots as she knows I like to paint. How’s that for a thrifty makeover?


These handles are so cute!!



There was even beautiful vintage paper lining the drawers – think I will keep it.



I am going to put this piece in my dining room and use the cupboards and drawers to store crockery and cutlery as my grocery cupboard is tiny in my kitchen. I am desperate to paint my wooden dining table, but hubby is dead against it, so will have to wait till he changes his mind. Hopefully all my makeovers will make him realise that I am right of course!!! (just kidding)

After moving the furniture around a number of times in the dining room I realise that this will not work as it is too low and the table overshadows it, so onto plan number 2. I have put it in my hallway and placed some items on top of it – looks much better here. The wooden candlesticks are another trade me find – I bought them for $10. I took my old wooden mirror and quickly painted it a colour I mixed – I have no idea what this colour is because it was quite dark today due to the weather, so I will only really get to see it tomorrow properly. I painted the frame of the mirror and rubbed it to get a distressed look. Hubby asked me why I don’t paint things properly – he has no clue about distressed furniture. That’s probably why he won’t let me paint the table!!!




This is what it looks like.





To finish off the look I painted “Welcome” across the mirror to add a fun element!




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