budget photos, art and frames

I am always looking for ways to make interesting art or wall hangings in my home. When I was in South Africa in 2007  I bought a few postcards that typified the average African person’s life and living conditions. I bought a really cheap frame on a sale and put these postcards into the frame and it is really effective.




I also found two frames, with what looks like ink prints of New York City, at a  thrift store for a couple of dollars. I love these because they are so colourful and busy. I decided to hang the two pictures together with my frame of African postcards as I love the contrast between the third world context and first world context. It also helps me keep grounded about how some people live really tough lives while I live in a privilidged context.




My tips are that you don’t have to have photographs that you have taken – great magazine pictures or postcards can work really well. Sometimes being willing to step into that thrift store or go to garage sales, enables you to find little treasures that you might not find elsewhere. Always be on the lookout for interesting things – collect frames if you see them at sales or cut out that picture you love even if you don’t have the perfect frame – you will be surprised how things come together if you have a little patience. Enjoy being creative!!


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