A Rare Sunny Day

Today was a rare sunny day – we have had miserable rainy weather on and off for the last two weeks. Hubby decided we should make the most of it and take the kids to the closest beach to let them fish and run around a bit. I must admit that I wasn’t wild about the idea – although the sun was out the wind was rather chilly. Anyway I decided to do the good mummy thing and go ( but I took my camera which turned out to be a huge bonus). I took photos of everything that moved till my battery died and I have got some of the most beautiful shots of Z9. I am so thrilled.

Here  are some of the photos I have taken today. I used a combinationof photoscape and picnik, but to edit and create the gorgeous shot of Z9 I used Picnik.  I first edited the lighting and exposure and then I added a vignette and then used cinemascope to get the lovely frame and close up  effect. I love the result.

Zoe 1


Here are some of our other fun pictures.

fishing montage

Hope to see more of that sun!!!


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