3 Blogs Meme

This meme comes from onlysometimesclever.wordpress.com and so I will give it a bash – I haven’t been blogging that long and it has taken me forever  to put people on my blogroll and some of these things don’t yet make sense to me so I might have blank spaces in some places, but hey, give me credit for trying. So here goes:

3 Blogs I read everyday without fail



embejoetc.wordpress.com    (read when she blogs, but I check daily for new blogs)

3 Blogs that have been on my blogroll the longest


Everything else on my blogroll is fairly new so I am not going to repeat myself for each category ( because you’re not supposed to) so I am leaving it as one.

3 Blogs On my Blogreader that aren’t yet on my blogroll



Had to remove 3rd blog due to spam problems

3 Newest Blogs added to my blogroll

inpassionatepursuit.blogspot.com     (Balancing Beauty and Bedlam)



3 Bloggers I wish would write more often


embejoetc.wordpress.com  (Because I always enjoy her posts!!)

Don’t have a third one.

If you are interested in…, you should read these blogs

Making a Difference to poverty in this world –   makeaplan.wordpress.com

Creative ideas –   katekiwi.blogspot.com

Photography –    mthopeacademy.blogspot.com

I realise I have repeated myself in some places – apologies about that – but if you are mentioned in my meme, consider yourself tagged.


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