My Journey – Part 11

Sometimes we see so dimly – like looking through frosted glass or a window that has rain running down it – we think we see clearly, or that what we can see is sufficient but it is a distortion of the whole picture. Revelation is a wonderful thing – it is truth being revealed to us  – our eyes being opened to things we have not seen or perceived before. I feel as though I am going through a time of revelation in my life and I am blown away by what I am seeing and perceiving. I have been a follower of Jesus for twenty-nine years and suddenly I find myself questioning everything I have believed for those years. My love for Jesus has not waned – in fact it has increased, but I find myself asking why the church is not moving in greater power and being more effective out in the world than we are at present. I have always loved the church and still do, but I think the time of being our own little group that justs meets to be trained constantly and to encourage one another for no other reason than to be a holy huddle is definitely over!! Sometimes I feel we have become so tame as the church – we have been lulled into comatose behaviour and led to believe that we are limited in what we can do. The teaching is that we can do all things in Christ but I don’t see the church believing that, because we don’t act on that belief. This is where revelation has been coming to me over the last while. I read in the Bible that signs, wonders and miracles took place, that people dreamed dreams, angels visited people, believers were filled with the Spirit and had power, believers were even transported miraculously in some instances to other places. If that was normal for then, then what has changed today? We should be able to operate in the same manner today as then. I have been seeing through new eyes – When we accept Jesus as our Saviour, we become new creations – God breathes His life into our Spirit – so we become god-like (not God). Everything in the heavenly realm becomes accessible to us as we are co-heirs with Christ. When we grasp our position in the Kingdom, everything becomes possible for us. I am believing for supernatural experiences with Him – being effective in His Kingdom. How can we represent The King of Kings accurately if we do not operate in the miraculous? We say we want to become more like Jesus – well Jesus was a miracle worker – to represent Him to the world we need to move and operate as He did.

My favourite quote is from Bill Johnson who says, “Revelation from the Word that doesn’t take us into a divine encounter only makes us more religious.”

I definitely don’t want to become more religious -I want to encounter the Living God daily and operate out of His authority, power and compassion. This will be my last journey entry for awhile as we  are waiting to see where God takes us next  (although our journey never ends) – can’t wait for the new adventures in Him with my new revelation. I am trusting that my next entries will be full of testimonies and faith-building.


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